Just photofumes  The name comes from my passions / interest for Photo graphy and Per fumes.

This site will be a platform to share my work and thoughts to the world.

which includes

Some Background


As a kid I used to take photos with kodak analog camera and send the film to develop and print in a photo lab, then I had some digital point & shoot cameras leading to Dslr in 2011. I learn every day from every snap I take. Thanks to all great photographers I met in recent years, I realised the fun and pleasure in shoot with films (analog) since Q4 2013 I started taking analog photographs parallel to digital. Now I am learning to develop my films and print them myself.

My gears


    • Canon 5D MII, Canon 7D

with Canon EF 24 – 70 f 2.8,  EF 50 f 1.8 and EF 70-200 f 2.8 IS II.

Post processing in Lightroom 5, Photoshop CS6.


    • Minolta Sr 07 (1965) with Minolta 55 f 1.8,  Minolta 28 f 2.5 , Soligor 180 f 3.5 and Itorex 80-200 f 3.9-4.9
    • Canon Canonet 28 – 40mm f 2.8 (range finder camera)
    • Canon Eos 1N with my canon range of lens.

Medium Format

    • Hasselblad 500 C/M with Carl Zeiss Planar C 2.8/80mm
    • Rolleicord IV TLR (1954)
    • Holga 120N

Post processing in darkroom with Durst f30 enlarger

135 and 120 films from several manufactures ; chemicals to develop and process them based on the requirement.


I used to apply perfume since teenage, nothing special but always had an interest on them. Ever since I moved to Sweden in 2008 my interest on perfumes grew more. I started to try different perfumes and know about them in much deeper level. It was the movie ” Perfume : The story of the Murderer ” took my interest to another level, in learning to make perfumes by understanding olfactory, notes and concentrations. I started to make my own perfumes with combination of several perfumes or from essential oils.